John Kay a misunderstood legacy

The wonderfully simple invention of a the man who with a bit of string and two pickers actuating a fly shuttle, quadrupled the power...

Extreme architecture and science of the frozen south comes to MOSI

A piece of the frozen South Pole comes to Manchester this week in the first exhibition to be held of its kind at the...

Green, clean energy beneath Ardwick to power Oxford Road

Geo-Thermal energy reserves three thousand metres below the streets of Ardwick are to provide power to homes,businesses and leading institutions along the Oxford corridor. The...

City Centre tops in vibrancy league

The centre of Manchester has now outstripped London as Britain’s most “vibrant” urban area with the influx of young professionals and students driving a...

75 years of Ringway

On Saturday June 25th 1938, Ringway Airport was officially opened by an air display from the Royal Air Force by the command of Sir...

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