Romantic letter to Lancashire Tommy unearthed

A touching love letter from a young Frenchwoman to her sweetheart Lancashire soldier on the Western Front has been unearthed by researchers at the...

From surf to turf: archaeologists and chemists trace ancient British diets

Studies of old rubbish dumps and dirty dishes have revealed that, 6,000 years ago, ancient Britons gave up their passion for fish to begin...

From Roman fertility to a billion cards-the history of Valentine

A festival that has now become a commercial free-for-all driving huge sales of chocolate, flowers and jewellery had its origins in Pre Christian day...

Lancashire village pub claims top prize

Anybody fancying a short drive north may be interested in the news that a sleepy village pub in rural Lancashire has been thrust into...

Footprints in the Norfolk sand are dated at 800,000 years old

Scientists have discovered the earliest evidence of human footprints outside of Africa, on the Norfolk coast in the east of England.The cluster of muddy...

Thousands of years of visual culture made free through Wellcome Images

It seems to be an increasing trend and one that will bring only pleasure to lovers of history. Following in the footsteps of the British...

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