We may have a long way to go to catch up with South Oxfordshire District Council, who recycled 66.6% of household waste in 2016, but there has been a major boost to Manchester City Councils recycling rates over the past 2 years, so much so that the Greater Manchester region is expected to recycle more than 50% of waste in 2018.

In today’s ‘throw away’ society, we dispose of more household waste than ever before. Almost everything we buy is wrapped in plastic, paper, glass, or aluminium, resulting in over 1.1 million tonnes of waste per year in Greater Manchester alone, but the GMWDA (Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority) has big plans for England’s third largest metropolitan county, as it works towards diverting 90% of landfill waste by 2025 with its Zero Waste policy.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Most of us have been practicing the three ‘Rs’ of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle since the introduction of the Household Recycling Act 2003, when local authorities were obliged to provide us with recycling bins to separate at least two types of recyclable waste.

Fast forward 15 years, and we now have a veritable rainbow of recycling bins to deal with our recyclable, kitchen, garden and non-recyclable waste, and while they may do nothing for our curb-side appeal, they are helping us to save resources, reduce landfill waste, and even produce green energy from items that would have been previously buried in the ground. So, some might say it’s a small price to pay for the environment.

Then there are wheelie bins. You may have been issued with just one wheelie bin, but many of us have two for non-recyclable waste and general refuse. Again, they are practical and useful, particularly for larger family homes, but if your outdoor space is limited, you may find that your garden, driveway, or patio is cluttered with wheelie bins and recycling boxes, and this is what often prevents homeowners from recycling at all.

Knowing Your Recycling Bins & Wheelie Bins

Most Manchester residents have been supplied with three recycling bins, a brown bin, a blue bin and a green bin. While basic do’s and don’ts were provided with the bins, it seems many of us are still getting confused when it comes to segregating our recyclable waste, which can lead to the contamination of an entire vehicle load. Contaminated loads are often rejected at recycling plants and diverted to landfills, and so it is essential that we separate our household waste correctly.

To help you recycle household waste with ease, Manchester City Council have issued the following infographics to clearly identify those items that can be recycled, and those that cannot.

Ordering New Recycling Bins in Manchester

While most recycling bins are robust and designed to last, they can become damaged over time. If your bins are damaged, or perhaps too small for the amount of recycling waste produced, Manchester City Council will replace your recycling bins free of charge, and they offer both 140litre and 240litre options to suit every home. To get your new recycling bin, you simply need to complete a form on the Manchester City Council website.

Replacing Damaged Wheelie Bins

Wheelie bins are designed to cope with all kinds of bumps, scrapes and harsh weather conditions, but eventually, they do need replacing. While many councils will replace broken bins or lost bins free of charge, others impose a fee, and if you need to replace your grey rubbish bin in Manchester, you can expect to pay a £20 administration fee for every bin ordered.

You will have to pay to replace your wheelie bin, even if your original bin was stolen (rare, but it does happen!), and so you may want to consider a wheelie bin storage unit to protect against damage, adverse weather conditions, and theft.

Decluttering with Wheelie Bin Storage Units and Recycling Box Stores

FSC Timber Wheelie Bin Storage Units and Recycling Box Stores are perfect for those who want to do their bit for the environment, without transforming their garden into a recycling plant. Made from recycled wood, they come in a range of attractive shapes, sizes, colours and designs to complement both urban and rural landscapes, and blend seamlessly into your outdoor space.

Wheelie bin stores and recycling box units protect against tampering, unauthorised access, and damage, and they keep unattractive refuse containers out of sight, while still providing quick and easy access when it comes to rubbish collection day. A great investment for homeowners.


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