The people behind Banyan Bar & Kitchen, Manahatta, the Pit and its infamous student suburban bars – Arc and The Box,Arc Inspirations are joining the fight against plastic waste by ditching single use plastic straws across all its venues.

From 18 April onwards, Arc will begin to phase out the plastic pests and will no longer offer straws as standard, but will instead serveits drink with a more planet friendly, biodegradable straw upon request.

The decision follows Mayor, Andy Burnham’s pledge for Manchester to become plastic free city by 2020 and comes on the heels of the heightened awareness surrounding the impact of single use plastic on the planet.

Fronted by former footballer and now hotel owner Gary Neville, the campaign revealed at the Green Summit in March 2018 has pledged for businesses and members of the public to switch to alternatives to plastic by 2020, helping Manchester become the first plastic free city in the UK.

With one site currently in Manchester and two more set to open by the end of the year, Arc Inspirations is taking appropriate measures to ditch plastic straws and get behind Manchester and the rest of the UK in the movement against waste. Reducing straws across all Arc Inspirations sites is set to save an estimated 1.6 million straws per year from going into landfill, and is just the first of many waste reducing initiatives to be rolled out by the northern based operator in 2018.

Martin Wolstencroft, CEO of Arc Inspirations commented  “As one of the leading premium bar groups in the UK, it is only right that we get behind and support the initiative towards eradicating wasteful single use plastic. Straws will still be available upon request but we want to educate our customers and hopefully make them think twice before requesting one. Last year we delivered over three million straws and we feel we are taking the necessary steps in all of our bars to reduce this number dramatically. We feel extremely passionate about reducing our carbon footprint and we are currently looking at further initiatives across the group to help lead the way towards a no plastic waste future.”


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