The first reports of the battle of Jutland reached the public at the beginning of the week and it wasn’t the best of news with the loss of three battle cruisers, two cruisers and five destroyers being report with other units said to have suffered or be missing.

The Germans were claimed that the British had been defeated but the Admiralty while admitting casualty rates were high said that enemy losses were proportionately higher, saying that for every German boat sank, the British could afford to lose three.

The news of what was to be the only major naval battle of the war dominated the week’s papers with it becoming clear that while British ships had indeed suffered greater losses, it still controlled the North Sea whilst the German fleet had returned to its base.

The death of Lord Kitchener was also announced that week, his ship the Hampshire sunk to the West of the Orkney Isles, the disastrous news created a profound sensation in Manchester, with special newspaper additions not meeting the demand and awestruck crowds gathered around posters outside the newspaper offices.

Manchester was honoring its fallen heroes of Gallipoli with a Cathedral service, a parade of troops at Belle Vue and a procession through the streets, though bad weather put a damper on the outdoor events. 

Indeed it was said to have been the coldest June in Manchester for twelve years with furs mufflers and heavy overcoats necessary articles of clothing

Manchester’s Parks Committee was proposing to enforce strict regulations against dogs being allowed to roam loose in the parks, while police were investigating the circumstances of the discovery of a newly norm baby found crying behind the Holt Town Artisans dwellings.

It was Whitsunside, a novel experience in Manchester with the war interrupting many of the usual holidays.Instead of the usual crowds at the railway station, the Sunday school processions and the crowds in the parks, the governments request for industry to continue had been met with much agreement, wrote the Evening News, and only the children will be at play.

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